1. Setup Contact Center

    Contact Center exists because there is on going demand for services and interaction to meet those demands. This is the value of Contact Center of delivering service to internal or external customers; for any organization it works as a hub of communication between the organization with external and internal customers. Inside the Contact Center is where the information, the core communication channel and emotional relationship are bound. It’s all come together.

  2. Operational Review

    We help our customer with their operational process using a worldwide benchmark approach from Translation of Leadership Vision and Mission to Operational items, such as Forecasting Staffing Scheduling, Quality Monitoring, People Management, KPI Monitoring and Reporting up to Customer Satisfaction Survey.

    We use tactical and practical approach for our recommendation and also we provide Coaching Implementation service to ensure the recommendations can be translated to real implementation, easy to implement and having direct impact to improve Operational Metrics performance.

  3. Coaching Program

    As the White Paper and Presentation are the final activities from Consulting Session, we also complement the Consulting with what we called a Coaching Program to our clients.

    We are helping clients and ensuring that our clients get the necessary help and coach during the translation of the recommendations to be embedded in their daily activities, how to read the data, extracting and looking for proper information and ensuring the recommendations are workable in daily operational process.

    With this session, we are also ensuring the Consulting will have direct impact on improving Operational Metrics performance on short term or long term process.

  4. Capacity Planning & Scheduling

    Workforce Management is the process of utilizing accurate staffing figures on Operational Contact Center to maximize service and optimize cost. It is one of the most important planning and management functions of a Contact Center Management or its called WFM (Work Force Management) Specialist Team.  Sometime refer as Forecasting Staffing Schedulling (FSS) process.

    To fulfill that need, 168Solution is having specialist team and focus on WFM task that helping companies to know about methodology of capacity planning and scheduling.

    Important thing of WFM is all about that related with objective, consists of :

    How to forecast, including a look at data collection, identify pattern (trend analysis) and few forecasting techniques (analytical model, simulation model and baseline model) used by support centers.

    How to calculate staffing required in a call center to meet service goals, and the many service and cost tradeoffs involved in staffing decisions. Running a successful call center operation means managing by the numbers. The most important number of all is the number of bodies in seats each hour to respond to customer contacts.

    Guidance on Staff Scheduling, including the difficulties faced by call centers today in matching the workforce to the workload, and best practice options on scheduling the workforce and managing service on a real-time basis. Getting the "just right" number of staff in place is critical in terms of both service and cost.

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