Public Training is in-depth training deliver by 168Solution as a specialized Contact Center Training and Consulting resources.

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Contact Center exists because there is on going demand for services and interaction to meet those demands.

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Please contact us on how we can help you to measure Customer Satisfaction Survey, Employee Satisfaction Survey or conduct Mystery Shopping.

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We provide international Certification in relation to providing superior service and has equipped Professional Contact Center Practitioners.

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Why Choose Us

  • Experience professional Contact Center & direct hands-on experience with business objective perspective
  • Certified International, endorsed by Global Association of Contact Center and locally knowledge equipped
  • Understand the local various industry from banking, insurance, automotive, telecommunication, internet/ISP, health and medical, FMCG
  • Knowledge of digital platform interaction
  • Option for Bahasa Indonesia and English reporting.
  • Our focus expertise on Contact Center covering Business Process, Human Resources, Strategy and Technology through various channel
  • Professional and independent perspective – being neutral as a key value
  • The only international representative for the Asia Pacific – a global association of ContactCenterWorld for resources, benchmarking, white paper and conference event

Recent News

31 Jul 2021
Keren, Pelajar SMP-SMA Ini Bersaing pada Kompetisi Startup Ditingkat Asia Pasific

BANDUNG - Tiga tim startup dari Dilen Program Telkom Corpu-IDTRI yang beranggotakan pelajar SMP, SMA, dan SMK berhasil masuk ke ajang inovasi digital global tingkat Asia Pasifik. Meraka...

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10 Aug 2021
Tiga Startup Beranggotakan Pelajar Indonesia Berlaga di Asia Pasifik

GALAMEDIA - Telkom CorpU-ITDRI membawa tiga tim startup dari DiLen Program beranggotakan pelajar SMP, SMA, dan SMK ke ajang inovasi digital global Asia Pasifik, Reactor Global Demo...

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02 Aug 2021
Telkom Bawa Startup Pelajar Go International

Jakarta - Telkom mengirim startup pelajar asal Indonesia, yaitu A.K.A.D, Stratagems, dan SMAK 1 ke panggung internasional.Startup yang beranggotakan pelajar SMP, SMA, dan SMK...

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