Call Flow Process In A Contact Center

15 May

Call Flow Process in a Contact Center

Call centers/contact centers are being utilized heavily for managing customer relations. In the sections below I will try to explain how the basic call handling process works.

The process could start by one of the following channels:

A customer calls the Contact Center

A customer sends an Email to the Contact Center

A customer contacts using a chat screen available on the website

If it's a voice based interaction, the Customer Support representative greets the customer (Opening salutation) e.g.

"Thank you for calling XYZ my name is ABC. How may I help you today?" Here the associate introduces the organization's name and associates identity followed by and asking customer's contact details. This step could also include verification. The Customer Support Representative (CSR) would fill up the first screen in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

In case the customer calls at on odd time or somehow all the CSR's are busy, the call is dropped with setting up a Call back after a Turn Around Time.

When the call back system calls up the client, the same process gets initiated.

For Non Voice cases, the greeting could happen in case of a Chat message. In case of emails, the CSR would directly review the email.

The next step involves finding out what is the service client is looking for. This can be done by getting details from client via chat/call or by reviewing an email.

The client could be calling for one of the following reasons:

He wants to enquire about a product or a service.

 He wants to complain about a product or service.

 He wishes to appreciate about a service.

Once the issue is resolved, a notification mail is sent to the client or a direct confirmation on phone is done.



  • 15 May, 2018
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