Public Training

Public Training is in-depth training deliver by 168Solution as a specialized Contact Center Training and Consulting resources.

168Solution is providing training that open for public with various topics and related with services & quality for Contact Center Professional Practitioners.

In-house Training

Now-days companies are aware for the needs of training as an effective way to improve performance and productivity of their employees and ensure they have the skills that suit your business needs.

To fulfill that need, 168Solution also provide in-house training program with topics based on the needs of company in which area they are willing to improve. In-house training is a training program for learning opportunities developed by 168Solution. Training may be required to be provided to employees as part of developing their skills and knowledge requirements.

To provide and meet customer business objectives, 168Solution will be carrying out training needs analysis. Training needs analysis is a systematic way to investigate your business training needs, provide training recommendation and other training related decision (to improve your business growth).